Enterprises take advantage of the digital platform in Covid-19 - Conference on April 17, 2020

20/04/2020 | NEWS & EVENT
chu tich than
chu tich than
ONLINE "THE WORLD'S SOLUTIONS COVID19 WITH VERCO24 and VERIG LENDING" is the "breakthrough" step of Kim Nam Group for Vietnamese small and medium enterprises at the event on April 17, 2020
The conference was held on April 17 at major venues


On the afternoon of April 17 in Hanoi, the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises held a conference with the topic "Applying a digital platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to stabilize production and business activities and connect capital in COVID-19 situation"
Businesses occupy an important position in the global economy. Small and Medium Enterprises account for 90% of all businesses worldwide and contribute 50% to 60% of global employees. However, the complicated situation of COVID-19 outbreaks is seriously affecting this economic sector.

Many businesses have difficulty during Covid

According to a survey by the Private Economic Development Research Board of over 1,200 enterprises on the impact of COVID-19 outbreaks on business activities. If the COVID-19 lasts up to 6 months, 74% of enterprises can will go bankrupt ...
In the difficult context, the Government has a lot of policies to support businesses such as policies to support access to capital, credit, tax support ... Directive No. 11 / CT-TTg dated 04 / 3/2020 of the Prime Minister on "urgent tasks and solutions to remove difficulties for production and business, ensuring social security to cope with the COVID-19 epidemic" is implemented.
The conference about "Applying a digital platform for SMEs to stabilize production and business activities and connect capital - The period after COVID19" took place on April 17, 2020 as a springboard to help businesses find new directions, together overcome difficulties after the Covid19 period.
Program connected 10 major venues including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and many provinces that is reported directly on VnExpress.
The workshop was attended by Mr. Nguyen Van Than - Chairman of VINASME; Mr. To Hoai Nam - General Secretary of VINASME; economic expert Nguyen Minh Phong; Mr. Can Van Luc - Chief Economist of BIDV; Mr. Nguyen Tri Hieu - Senior Advisor of VERCO Entrepreneur Investment Joint Stock Company; Representatives of Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Science and Technology; State Bank representatives.
Representing for the Small and Medium Enterprises community, Mr. Nguyen Van Than, Chairman of the Vietnam Small and Medium Enterprises Association, commented that ministries, agencies and localities need to implement drastically, vigorously and effectively the financial and monetary management solutions and credit under the direction of the Prime Minister such as VND 300,000 billion credit package, 2% interest reduction policy and 0% lending interest rate. policy banks, ...

chu tich than
Mr. Nguyen Van Than, Chairman of Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises
In order to help SMEs overcome difficulties in the pandemic, and discuss the government's Enterprises support policies, the experts will evaluate the role of technology and digital solutions in Covid-19. In which, Kim Nam Group, VERIG Lending, VERCO24 shared about digital solutions and guided SMEs to apply technology platforms to improve production and business efficiency. Mr. Nguyen Kim Hung - Deputy Director of the Institute of SMEs, also the Chairman of Kim Nam Group, affirms that he will always accompany businesses as well as support them the best.
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Mr. Nguyen Kim Hung affirmed that he will support businesses to overcome difficulties
Sharing at the Conference "Applying a digital platform for SMEs to stabilize production and business activities and connect capital - After Covid-19 period", Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hung - Director of Credit Department (State Bank) said the total outstanding credit is at more than 8 million billion. The growth rate of outstanding credit has decreased from 1.3% to 0.8%. Regarding the low-interest subsidized credit package of the banking system of 300,000 billion dong, the director of the Credit Department said that the debt structure and the customer debt group remained at about VND 29,800 billion.
Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hung - Director General of Credit Department spoke at the conference
The conference also expected that the current situation would bring difficulties and also an opportunity for many businesses to find new directions for themselves to stand firmly in the market.
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