Happy Birthday to Chairman Nguyen Kim Hung - The Captain of Kim Nam Group

17/08/2020 | NEWS & EVENT
Happy Birthday to Chairman Nguyen Kim Hung - The Captain of Kim Nam Group
Today is very special for Kim Nam Group. Birthday of Chairman Nguyen Kim Hung - Chairman of Kim Nam Group
In the midst of the pressure of the race and the work progress, let us slow down a few times to look back on everything that happened with many ups and downs. We would like to send meaningful birthday greetings to our Chairman - who steers the boat of Kim Nam Group over the difficulties."
Chairman Nguyen Kim Hung who has great merit in the success, building up the reputation of Kim Nam Group and the trust of partners, has devoted a lot of enthusiasm, effort and mind. force for the common development of the Kim Nam. Thereby, it also helps create a lot of jobs for the employees."
The staff of Kim Nam Group would like to send the best wishes to Chairman Nguyen Kim Hung. We wish that the Chairman always be healthy and always be the leader to make Kim Nam Group stronger and stronger with the great vision and mission. Happy Birthday!
The party ended in a joyful and exciting atmosphere, showing the spirit of solidarity and attachment among the members of the Group. Here are some memorable pictures of Chairman Nguyen Kim Hung's birthday:

anh sinh nhat
The representative of Kim Nam Group congratulates the birthday of The Chairman
anh sinh nhat 2
VMMT Company congratulates the birthday of Chairman Nguyen Kim Hung
anh sinh nhat 3
Representative of Lang Son Lime Company
anh sinh nhat 1
Representative of Bac Giang production block
anh sinh nhat 4
Representative of Verco company
anh sinh nhat 6
Representative of Vercon company
anh sinh nhat 9
Representative of the Group's supervisory board
anh sinh nhat 8
Representative of Kim Nam Media company
anh sinh nhat 7
Representative of Verig company
anh sinh nhat 10
Representative of Kim Nam Tech
anh sinh nhat 11
Representative of assistant department 
"With many wishes from the partners of Kim nam Group, students of Chairman Nguyen Kim Hung. Wishing President Nguyen Kim Hung will always steer the Kim Nam Group boat out to the sea.
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